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15 Deal Breakers In A Relationship That Can Ruin Your Long Term Partnership

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Knowing about the deal breakers in a relationship can help you in two ways: (a) To save your romantic relationship and (b) to get out of a relationship that is filled with unhealthy behaviours, unbalanced relationship roles and more.

In a relationship, couples do several things consciously and subconsciously that are bad for their bond.

A few behaviors of a partner can be relationship deal breakers that can bring a long-term relationship to an end.

Therefore, here we have mentioned 15 deal breakers in a relationship so that you can know them and save your relationship from being ruined or get out of the unbalanced relationship roles.

Please note that the turn-offs in a relationship vary from person to person. Therefore, in this article, we have mentioned only 15 common deal breakers for a relationship.

Where Deal Breakers In A Relationship Start?

When two completely different people meet whether accidentally or planned, they don’t know a lot about each other.

But as they start flirting and dating, they begin to dream lots of positive things about their future life. But life is not that much easy, it is full of ups and downs.

Hence, the deal breakers in a relationship begin when people in a relationship start experiencing overprotectiveness, lack of interest, trust issues etc.

Agree or not but the truth is deal-breakers matter to us more than deal-makers. Therefore, it is very important to know about the origin of dealbreakers in a relationship.

What Types Of People Experience Deal Breakers In A Relationship?

When we talk about the types of people who experience deal breakers in a relationship; it can be divided into two groups:

  1. The first one is for the person who has just entered into a new relationship after moving from the previous one. Those people who fall into this group have already experienced the dealbreakers. Therefore, when they enter into a new one, their relationship is doomed from the start. Because the baggage of past experiences runs over.


  2. The second one is for the person who has created a list of qualities to find in their partner. But, when they meet their partner they experience disappointment because they don’t get what they expected in their ideal mate. It could be a lack of sense of humour, behavior, &, etc.

List of 15 Common Deal Breakers In A Relationship

For a relationship what matters the most is Love, kindness, respect, appreciation, and several other things that bring the two of you closer day by day.

 But there are some things that we all do in our relationship that cause the relationship to an end. Sometimes we do it intentionally but the majority of the time we don’t even realize it.

Every couple should pay attention to the deal breakers before it hurts them throughout various Stages Of A Relationship.

So, here is the list of 15 common deal breakers in a relationship:

1.) Overprotectiveness

What makes a relationship special is having a partner who protects from all evil/bad. But then the time comes when you cross the thin line between protectiveness & overprotectiveness. 

Regardless of how much you love and trust your mate, you try to seize their freedom. This overprotectiveness could be something to drives your relationship to its end.

2.) Lack of Trust

Trust in a Relationship is the foundation of healthy and romantic life. But lack of trust can work as a curse for you. If your partner doesn’t have trust in you then it can be one of the deal-breakers for your relationship.

3.) Obsession

Obsessive nature in love makes you a person who controls your partner. So, when you are obsessed with your partner, you become overprotective, you seek constant validation from your partner, and you feel extremely jealous if someone other than you is with your mate.

For a few days or maybe weeks, your significant other can avoid it. But, eventually, a day will come very soon when your partner will leave you due to this deal breaker sign.

4.) Insecurity

Insecurity is known as one of the most prominent deal breakers in a relationship. There are many reasons why you can feel insecure in your relationship. However, if you don’t work on your insecure feelings, you may lose your partner very soon.

Insecurity is known as one of the main causes of relationship turn-offs because it makes your partner feel you don’t trust them.

5.) Jealousy

Jealousy is a very powerful and painful emotion that can bring any romantic life to an end.

While writing about this article, I asked my girlfriend, is it possible to end a relationship due to jealousy? She said, Yes, if it is not discussed with the partner.

6.) Bad Communication

Good communication is the key to a happy and healthy life. But if there is bad or no communication with your date, then most likely the relationship will not stay longer.

Poor Communication is a clear sign of relationship turn-offs because without healthy conversation you will not be able to understand your partner nor your partner will understand you.

7.) Lack Of Interest

Spotting the lack of interest is not an easy task in a relationship, but it is one of the deal breakers. 

For a relationship to stay longer and happy, it is important to maintain interest by sharing personal thoughts, talking about each other’s ambitions, & doing all the small things, because little things matter in a relationship.

8.) Cheating/Infidelity

Study says Cheating is considered one of the major causes of divorce or relationship ends. Many believe that if I am fully committed to one person then I expect the same from my partner.

So, the most common deal breaker for a woman and a man is cheating.

9.) Disrespect

Being late, excessively flirting with others, teasing in the wrong ways, & so many other disrespectful actions can be a dealbreaker in a relationship.

A relationship where there is no respect can’t stay very long because in that case, the partner starts feeling undervalued and no longer desirable.

10.) Abusive

Any kind of abuse, whether it is physical, emotional, mental or sexual, it is a clear sign of deal breakers in a relationship. 

Abusive relationships are considered very damaging, it puts one so down that they feel worthless and eventually stay in an abusive relationship. 

If this is happening in your relationship then it is an absolute relationship put off.

11.) Irresponsible

A person can easily identify an irresponsible person because such people can’t hide their real identity for longer, and it can be one of the main reasons for a relationship to end. 

Not only this but a relationship that includes an irresponsible person doesn’t allow the relationship to grow, even sometimes such a person gets defensive and could harm their partner.

12.) Ignoring

An ignorant person can’t be an ideal mate, because they love to live in their own world instead of focusing on their partner’s needs.

In that case, the partner starts feeling underserved, and disrespectful and even creating frustration in them, due to which a relationship can be easily broken. 

Due to ignorance and its frustrations, a short-term or even long-term relationship can easily break.

13.) Not Respecting Time

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One of the most beautiful things about a relationship is, the partner’s attention and dedication to their mate. 

But, what if one person correlation doesn’t respect the time given by their significant other, doesn’t spend quality time, and does not even talk about the good and bad things happening in their partnership?

For such a person, it is very tough to plan some special trip or moment to live in and make their partner feel special. 

If the other person tries to plan for a date, movie night, or anything that involves only two of them, then people who don’t respect the partner’s time and efforts make excuses to avoid or try to be late on such occasions. 

Such kind of behavior can cause a relationship to end without any doubt. If it is running for a long time then very soon it will end.

14.) Instability

Instability may not be a direct relationship deal breaker, but the way it affects a person in a relationship can make it possible and a direct reason to break a relationship.

Due to instability in a partnership, partners may have higher cortisol levels (Stress Levels) than those in stable relationships, Research Says. And therefore, it can be one of the deal breakers in a relationship.

15.) Aggressive Nature

A person with aggressive nature can always bring conflicts and reason to fight in a relationship. Therefore, Anger issues are considered relationship turn offs and they can cause a beautiful long term partnership to end.

When To Talk About Relationship Deal Breakers?

Ideally, the best time to talk about relationship deal breakers is when both of you are at ease, calm and not in a hyper-emotional state.

For those who have just started their relationship should talk about relationship deal breakers as soon as possible.

Clear all the turn offs that you don’t want in your relationship. 

It may be uncomfortable to have relationship deal breakers conversations, but setting the boundaries — especially in the beginning stages will help you stick to what’s important to you so that you can avoid getting hurt in the long run.

Relationship Deal Breakers Based On Each Zodiac Sign

Apart from talking about relationship deal breakers with your partner, you can find out what’s going wrong in your relationship based on your partner’s zodiac sign.

However, don’t be fully dependent on zodiac sign deal breakers. But if you are someone who has a strong belief in Zodiac Signs, can find it easy to know the relationship deal breakers based on each zodiac sign:

  • Pisces – Insensitivity 
  • Aries – Clinginess
  • Taurus – Disrespect
  • Gemini – Lack of communication 
  • Cancer – Privacy
  • Leo – Being Critical 
  • Virgo – Unambitious mindset 
  • Libra –  Negativity 
  • Scorpio – Lying
  • Sagittarius – Laziness
  • Capricorn – Irresponsibility 
  • Aquarius – Practicality
Frequently Asked Questions on Deal Breakers In A Relationship

Ans:- Any kind of abuse, whether it is physical, emotional, mental or sexual is the biggest deal breaker in a relationship.