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Overprotective Boyfriend: 15 Signs to Know Whether He is Protective or Overprotective

Overprotective Boyfriend 15 Signs to Identify Boyfriend’s Overprotective Behavior

There is a thin line between protective and overprotective. But an overprotective boyfriend will neglect this thin line and become abusive and dominating in a relationship. Therefore, it is important to know whether your boyfriend is overprotective or if he is just trying to be protective over you.

In a relationship, trust is the only thing that makes your love life last longer. Trust helps to build a strong bond between both of you. 

But as time passes you start feeling uncomfortable with your partner. Have you thought what could be the reason behind it?

There can be many reasons for being uncomfortable in relationship. But, the overprotective nature of your boyfriend is one of them.

His protective nature can make you feel unbearable, due to having many restrictions & rules to follow.

In the initial days of your relationship, you may feel good and sweet if your boyfriend will show you these gestures. But with time it becomes worse. 

You may have noticed overprotective boyfriend behavior many times, but you have ignored them taking it lightly. 

However, if you are still unable to differentiate between protectiveness and overprotectiveness of your man. You have landed in the right place. Here, we will cover 15 signs of an overprotective boyfriend.

But before letting you know the 15 overprotective boyfriend signs, let’s understand the overprotective boyfriend meaning.

What Is An Overprotective Boyfriend?

An overprotective boyfriend is a partner holding immense control over their girlfriend. In other words, a protective boyfriend who wants to ensure that his girlfriend is safe & secure all the time becomes very protective.

Due to this, he controls his partner’s daily life. But this protective nature crosses its limits, and than he becomes an overprotective boyfriend.

Here are 15 Signs to Know Boyfriend’s Overprotective Behavior

1.) He Can’t Resist If You Compliment Someone

Overprotective Boyfriends cannot resist if someone in your list is on the high ranking.

Means, if you compliment someone, then he will dislike that person a lot. This is a trait of being an overprotective person.

Many girls think this is jealousy behavior and they find it cute.

But, he actually starts hating the person who belongs to the top number in your list.

His desire will always be to be on top in your list, whether he deserves that place or not. 

2.) He Compares Your Love With His

One of the most common traits is, he will always try to compare your love with his.

He will show you, he loves you the most and does everything for you, but in return you don’t do anything. 

This is a toxic behaviour. Because a relationship can only survive if both partners have some extent of similar feelings and respect for the given love.

Even though you love him a lot, he will mention, you don’t love the way he does.

3.) He Makes Decision For You

An overprotective boyfriend always tries to control the life of his girlfriend. 

If your boyfriend makes almost all the decisions for you then it is a clear sign of an overprotective nature.

This thing destroys personal space. Because he will control almost everything about you and your life.

From what you should wear to whom you should meet and talk.

Just because, you are in a relationship it doesn’t mean you have given the key of your life to your partner, to control you and your personal space.

But an overprotective partner will not understand this, neither the importance of mutual understanding and decision.

4.) He Keeps Tracking You

If your boyfriend keeps all your social login credentials or passwords with him, he keeps tracking your locations and checking your phone a lot. Then it shows how possessive he is for you. 

Being in touch, showing care for you and knowing whether you are safe or not is natural in a relationship.

But everything looks good in the boundaries. If he tracks everything about you, meaning he is doing it over, you must take it seriously.

5.) He Shows Aggression

Whenever you will try to do things in your way, he will become aggressive towards you.

He will shown aggression on every simple mistake of yours. 

Even your slow and lighter way of talking will not stop him from becoming aggressive.

6.) He Shows You False Love

Even after being very rude and showing so many wrong behaviors, he will make you feel he loves you. 

If you try to bring his toxic behavior in front of him. He will tell you this is just love nothing else. 

And this is what an overprotective person does all the time.

Due to this, sometimes his real loves feels false love.

7.) He Spies on You

There are two kind of spy your B.F can do: First spy is tracking your locations (Read Point 4), second one is through social media, spy camera, or by checking your emails.

In the worst scenario he can spy on you by following you from behind (In case you are outside of your house).

He will always keep his eyes on you but without letting you know. 

So, whenever you doubt this, make sure you pay attention to your boyfriend behaviours. 

8.) He Decides Your Clothing

Fulfilling your boyfriend’s wish to wear the clothes as per his choice is acceptable for some extent.

But If your boyfriend is possessive or overprotective for you, he will always tell you to dress yourself in his way.

He always wants to see you the way he likes.

If you try to dress in a bold manner, your boyfriend will become extremely uncomfortable and sometimes furious.

9.) He Makes You Feel Guilty

One of the most common signs of being an overprotective boyfriend is to keep saying he is right. 

More often he will find the opportunity to show you he is right. 

Most of the time, he will prove his point and make you feel guilty in front of you. 

He will try to keep himself upper. But a relationship is about respecting each other’s companionship, right? 

10.) He Interrogate You

He will keep asking you questions very frequently. Basically he will try to interrogate on each incident. 

Whether you go with your friends, party, shopping or whatever you do. He will always doubt you. 

He will try to get in depth of the entire scenario – Just like an interview.

11.) He is Gaslighting and Manipulating You

Gaslighting is a form of manipulation where your overprotective partner will try to make you feel worse, without letting you know. 

In other words, he will secretly abuse you mentally, by making the scenario where you will judge your own reality.

If you have ever doubted your own sanity or mental health while communicating to your B.F, make sure you pay attention to this sign. 

Gaslighting is one of the overprotective boyfriend signs and so you shouldn’t avoid it, as it can make the relationship toxic.

12.) He is Disliking Your Independence

Giving independence to a person shows how trustful they can be. 

However, if your boyfriend is disliking your independence then more likely he wants you to be fully dependent on him, also he doesn’t trust you much.

This is clearing showing he wants to make your life revolve around him which is one of the signs of overprotective boyfriend.

13.) He Makes You Feel Guilty For Having Dating History

Almost everyone has a dating history, we all go through this and there is nothing bad about it. 

But your current boyfriend can have an issue with this, not because of jealousy but to make you feel worse. 

He will do this only if he is an overprotective boyfriend.

A mature and understanding boyfriend may ask you about your dating history but for curiosity purpose only, just to know what kind of a people you like and what are your interests. 

However, possessive man will interrogate you and ask you lots of questions, till you feel exhausted and guilty for having a dating history.

14.) He Is Too Quick To Take This Relationship Further

Dating life is fun & exciting, there are lots of thing to explore throughout various stages of relationship

However, when you are with an overprotective partner, he will be in run to complete all the milestones too fast. 

He will ruin your all dating experiences as he is too quick to take this relationship further.

15.) He Has No One Closer Than You

A possessive person can’t have a group of people as they can’t handle their temper and are willing to be alone. 

With such people, the problem is they stick to one people they love the most. But, due to this they become overprotective to them.

In case the same is happening to you, you can consider it a clear overprotective boyfriend sign.


Here one thing is sure, he loves you a lot and extremely caring for you.

But what are the benefits of that relationship in which you feel extreme pain?

You find your social, personal life is being destroyed because of his possessive nature, and make you feel stuck in that relationship. 

Even though Babusona has a purpose to bring all couples closer, helps them in almost all situations to keep their love relationship stronger – We don’t support this overprotective behaviour.

Because overprotectiveness is not a good sign for a healthy relationship. 

If you are facing any of the above-mentioned 15 signs of overprotective boyfriend, this is the best time to talk to your partner and come to the conclusion.

If you try to talk and he refused to do so, end this relationship right away.

Rather than being tortured everyday mentally, emotionally and physically, being without him will be a better choice for you, instead of being with a possesive person. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Overprotective Boyfriend

Yes, it is normal for a boyfriend to be overprotective. But only when he is not abusive or harming you mentally.

Your Boyfriend is Overprotective of you because he has feelings for you. He doesn’t want to see you in any trouble. However, overprotectiveness is not a good sign, if he is abusive or controlling your life.

You should express your thoughts to him that you are feeling uncomfortable. Because of his overprotectiveness.