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How to Deal with Insecurities in a Long Distance Relationship: (7 Ways To Do It)

How to Deal with Insecurities in a Long Distance Relationship

Insecurities in a long distance relationship are very common and you are not alone.

However insecure feeling can ruin the relationship very easily. 

Because, insecurity leads to several types of arguments, unnecessary fights, irritation, over possessiveness and many more negative impacts are there.

Everyone has some kind of insecurities whether they live with their S.O or not.

Self-doubt is one of the core element that evokes the insecure feeling.

However, doubt and insecurities start becoming noticeable when you begin a long distance relationship.

If you are facing any kind of relationship insecurity, here is 7 things you can do to overcome insecurities in a long distance relationship.

What are Long Distance Relationship Insecurities?

Before diving into the solutions directly, it is vital to know what are actually insecurities in a relationship.

Long Distance Relationship Insecurities start with the lack of belief in the partner or it can be said as lack of confidence.

Actually, we all have insecurities. Those personal insecurities often come from past experiences or present situations. 

When two people enter in a relationship they go with their own insecurities. Each person has their own personal preferences, beliefs and values. 

So it is very obvious to experience something that is not appropriate to you. 

To understand the insecurity better let’s see when you may feel insecure

  1. When Your Partner Look at Someone Else
  2. When you do assumptions for any situation
  3. When you get to know about your partner’s past relationship
  4. When you feel that your partner has lied to you

And the list can go further. Everyone has different reasons to feel insecure. 

Until now hopefully, I was able to give a brief idea what insecurities actually are in a relationship. 

So, it’s time to find the tactics that can help you to deal with Insecurities in a Long Distance Relationship.

Dealing with Insecurities in a Long-Distance Relationship With This Simple Trick

The very simple yet effective trick to deal with insecurities in a long-distance relationship is to be honest while talking to your long-distance partner. Doing so will help you to stable a strong bond that can stay longer even after being far from each other.

With the help of honest conversation, dealing with insecurities becomes much easier because both can share personal issues without any hesitation and can avoid misunderstanding easily.

How to Deal with Insecurities in a Long Distance Relationship?

Apart from the above given simple trick to deal with insecurities in a long-distance relationship, there are a few more things you can do to tackle the Insecurities in a long distance relationship.

Below is the list of a 7 steps that you can do to overcome insecurities in a long distance relationship.

1.) Stop Assumptions

While being apart from each other in LDR. You may have made many assumptions that even don’t actually exist.

Assumptions will kill your relationship very easily.

So, if you are facing insecurities and you are having doubts about your partner on the basis of your assumption – stop them right away.

You need to do it, until you find any strong proof of becoming a doubtful person to your partner. 

Until you find any proof, you can assume that everything is fine. 

If you can assume for negative situations then you can make assumptions on the positive situations as well. Right?

So why not try to do this from now. 

Be positive and wait until you find the actual proof of being doubtful. 

2.)Have an Open Conversation with Your Partner 

Having an open conversation with your partner will increase your bonding and you both will be able to tackle any critical situation together.

So, if you will share your feelings and the doubts that you have with your partner.

It will be the easiest thing that you can do to overcome your insecurities.

Also, open minded conversations will increase understanding between both of you.

So it is very much recommended to try this method to get rid of insecure feelings in LDR. 

3.) Exercise Trust

Telling I trust you is not the actual trust, You have to feel that.

Trust is a choice and you can build it through Consistency, Transparency & Communications.

These are the three important pillars of building trust.

Thus, you have to practice trust by being transparent with your partner and doing this regularly is a must. 

Also, communication in building trust is one of the crucial steps. 

4.) Stop Comparing Yourself with Others

Thinking that you are not good enough or you are unable to fulfil the requirements your partner gets from other people will make you feel jealousy.

You will also end up having low self confidence and lots of insecurities.

Listen, if you think that your partner is talking to another person, he/she is having fun with another person.

Then it is not necessarily that your partner has lost interest in you. 

It is okay, if they talk to anyone else.

So don’t compare yourself with another person. Because you are the one your partner has chosen to love.

If your partner has chosen to be with you and love you then, there will be hundreds of reasons for that.

So try to be confident and realise that your partner has found something special in you, which they can’t find in anyone else, that is why they has chosen you.

5.) Move From Your Past Insecurities

It is important to understand that the “past is dead” and you have to move on from your past insecurities.

Unfortunately due to having bad past experiences in a relationship you may struggle at the current relationship.

Because of your past relationship insecurities.

You will start being possessive, controlling, and you may act in an unpleasant manner which your partner doesn’t want. 

If I say, your partner doesn’t deserve that unpleasant behaviour of yours then it will not be wrong.

Because he/she was not in your past.

Therefor, to get rid of your past insecurities you will have to move from it.

You will have to work on that. It is your personal insecurities with which you have to deal.

6.) Be Positive And Handle Situation In A Positive Way

To feel more secure in a long distance relationship, you will have to be positive.

The positivity will help you tackle the insecurity by thinking in a positive manner.

Lets say, you may have called multiple times to your significant other, but the call was unanswered and no text in reply. 

Due to this, you may start feeling unsafe and infidelity.

Instead feeling bad about not answering your call, you can handle the situation in a positive way – By looking at many possibilities.

For instance, your partner didn’t answered or text you back because the phone was on silent, it maybe that they haven’t carried their phone, or any other such scenario could be.

7.) Go For Counselling/Therapy

Sometimes situations become so complex that it couldn’t be handle by self.

In such a situation, seeking help from therapist can be a great decision.

They will guide you to understand the root cause of your LDR Insecure feeling easier and from a different perspective.

This way, therapist can guide you to to Deal with Insecurities in a Long Distance Relationship.

Last Words

If you don’t deal with your doubts or insecurities then it will make the situation worse.

Because of your personal insecurities your behaviour may turn into a controlling and dominating partner.

This behaviour often considered as deal breakers in a relationship.

Having that behaviour can make you suspicious and you will start spying on your partner or maybe you start asking for details of every single moment.

These things will make your partner unhappy. Because no one wants to be controlled. Right? Not even you wish to be controlled by anyone else. 

So work on your insecurities, be open, have better communications, share things together and live your life beautifully. 

I agree that Long distance relationships are hard to maintain. But if it is maintained, you both will have a very lovely time and moments. You will have a lovely experience.

So it is a suggestion or request to you from Babusona that you should find the sources of your insecurities and work on them.

Because Love is Beautiful, so don’t try to ruin your relationship with your long distance partner, instead make it more fun and memorable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:- How do I stop being insecure in a long-distance relationship?

Answer:- To stop being insecure in a long-distance relationship you will have to openly talk to your partner, share your feelings to your partner, and trust on your partner. Being transparent in a relationship will stop you from being insecure in a long distance relationship (LDR).