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Toxic Relationship: 8 Early Warning Signs and How to Fix It

Toxic Relationship: 8 Early Warning Signs and How to Fix It

Identifying a toxic relationship can be sometimes harder but most of the time it shows its early signs. If you catch them, you will fix them quickly.

A healthy relationship can take a higher growth if both the partners respect each other, support each other, and understand the responsibility. 

However, there are many relationships that turn into toxicity. Identifying a toxic relationship can be sometimes harder but most of the time it shows its early signs. If you catch those, you will get rid of the earliest. 

In these types of relationships, the person will always cross its line & do things in an inappropriate manner. However, knowing whether you are in a toxic relationship or not can be a bit challenging. 

So, first, take a look at what is actually a toxic relationship or how someone can define it.

What is a toxic relationship?

According to most psychologists, a toxic relationship can be said if both partners don’t support each other, they become abusive to one another, their communication becomes unhealthy, and a lot of complications start appearing between them.

A toxic relationship can be energy daring and emotionally damaging too. 

While a healthy relationship supports growth and success, boosts positive energy, and helps in achieving life goals. It involves healthy & open communication, respect, honesty, mutual understanding, and respecting the desires of one another. 

So, a relationship that is exactly opposite to a healthy relationship can be said to be a toxic relationship.

Signs your Relationship is Toxic

Noticing Lack of support:- Support of a person whom you love is crucial. Especially emotional support, it is about providing love, care, reassurance, acceptance, etc. 

Therefore, whenever you notice the absence of these things, consider it as a sign of a toxic relationship.

Toxic communication:- Criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling are a few things that you can find in toxic communication. The bad ways of talking and being offensive are toxic communication and it often becomes one of the early warning signs of a toxic relationship.

Controlling behavior:- If your partner is intimidating you and making you feel insecure, or guilty, there is a higher chance your relationship has become toxic at this moment. In such situations, your partner’s behavior will be controlling and they will try to rule on you. 

In that case, you have to do things as per their way. 

Extreme Level of jealousy:- In an abusive relationship the level of jealousy can be found at the extreme level. Jealousy is the most powerful and negative emotion that can turn a beautiful relationship into a toxic one.

If your partner often becomes jealous of any behavior you do then consider it one of the early signs of toxicity in your love life.

Dishonesty:- One of the Signs of a toxic relationship is lying, whether your partner keeps secrets or tells a white lie, dishonesty destroys the fundamental pillars of a healthy relationship that is trust. Hence, dishonesty or lacking of trust is a major toxic relationship sign.

Disrespect:- When your partner doesn’t listen to you, doesn’t prioritize you, hurts your feelings, and avoids spending time with you then you must take these actions into consideration of disrespect. 

Disrespectful behavior might not have taken the form of violence and abuse in most of the situations, but it should not be avoided. If your relationship has become toxic then you will likely experience disrespect from your significant other.

Ignoring your needs:- Neglecting emotional needs in a relationship can take the form of toxicity. If your partner isn’t being playful, avoiding making eye contact, showing a lack of emotional support, etc. then you should take it as an early warning sign of a toxic relationship.

Isolation from Social Interaction:- Relationships that are toxic will make your social contact very infrequent. Because of your Intimate partner violence, you may try to avoid contact with family, friends, or co-workers since you will hesitate to express your situation to them.

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The above-given lists are a few early warning signs of an abusive relationship. However, even after identifying the signs, leaving a toxic relationship becomes a challenging task. Therefore, Here is how to fix a toxic relationship.

How To Fix A Toxic Relationship?

Depending upon the types of toxic relationships it could be fixed in many ways. However, below are a few you can work on instantly to fix your toxic relationship:-

  1. Taking Responsibility of Actions:- To fix a toxicity in a relationship both the partners will have to be ready and make efforts. However, it is not going to be easy but a small step towards it can be fruitful. The first step should be taking the responsibility of actions. Identifying the past behaviour that has hurt the relationship is important for both ends. It allows both parties to accept their mistakes so that they can heal and avoid showing the same behaviour again.
  1. Be Comfortable with Having Uncomfortable Conversations:- Communication is one of the most important pillars of a healthy relationship, and it is always missing in the toxic relationship. While being in a relationship, it is vital to have open communication and have discussions about those things too which may be uncomfortable to do. Furthermore, consider the moment when you are about to tell a white lie. Because these small lies will become bigger lies and spread out of control.
  1. Rebuild Trust in The Connection With Your Voice:- Rebuilding trust is not an easy task, if it is lost for once it will never come back in the same way. However, it is important in a relation to keep working for a long time. While being in toxic relation your partner may have no idea about their behaviour that is causing you. Therefore, whenever you feel upset and want to hide your emotions. Try to use your voice and share how you’re feeling. How their behaviour is distancing both of you. Ask them to recognize it so that they can work on it to rebuild trust.