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Here’s 11 Qualities Women Want In A Man, Clear Your Confusion Today


Here are 11 qualities women want in a man. Clear your confusion here and know how to attract women

What Qualities Women Want In A Man? Surely, you have thought about it. After all, many men work on their physical attributes and dressing sense to impress a lady.

They think, to impress a woman or girl they have to just look good and smell good. 

However, it is important but this is not something women want in a man before falling in love.

To know What do women look for in a man, look at the below given 11 qualities


Kindness is one of the most essential traits a woman wants in a man. Because kindness helps people to connect to each other and make that connection last longer. 

It is a human trait that makes a person-friendly and generous.

When a woman finds a man having kind behavior, she may feel more connected or attracted to that man. 

A survey conducted by Clue (A period tracking App) found that 88.9% of women look for kindness in a man while choosing him as a partner. This survey was done over 68,000 (68k) women across 180 countries. 

Sense Of Humour

If a guy is good with words he will impress a girl faster. A funny guy attracts women the most. Because laughter makes the person feel more secure and open. It generally shows a man is not dominant. 

You may have seen in your own surroundings, maybe in school, college, classes, etc that a funny guy has more conversations with females.

Therefore, If you can entertain her, you can win her heart too. But don’t try to be hard on being funny. If you do so you will end up being creepy and making cheesy jokes. So let the humor come out naturally. 


Women are fond of the guy who respects them. She always looks for this characteristic before choosing her partner. 

It is because, if a man is not respectful to women then a relationship with that person will be full of bitterness. 

If a woman goes into a relationship with such a guy. There will be a very high probability of having a very short-time relationship. 

For that reason, a woman looks for a man who can respect her and others too. 


Attractiveness is one of the most prominent qualities in a man for which women can fall in love. 

But remember this is not the number one priority in her list while choosing a partner or date. 

There’s a very famous dialogue, don’t judge a book by its cover. But we as humans, including males and females, always make our choices and decisions based on what we see.

So, if you have an attractive personality then she may consider you. So make sure to work on your personality and characteristics too, if you want to impress a girl or woman.

Research says A woman during her period find a masculine guy more attractive


Women prefer men who are expressive. 

Expressive in the sense of care, love or affection, respect, etc. This is a trait that includes almost all kinds of other characters too.

If you want to know What Women Want in a Man in a relationship, then this is the answer “Be expressive”

Being expressive also shows that the person is confident enough to make her feel special.


Being responsible shows that you will be able to handle all kinds of situations whether it is good or bad.

So being responsible is what a woman wants in a man. Because of it, she will get a sense of whether you will be able to handle the family and the related consequences in the future or not.

Also, responsible traits show maturity, seriousness, and grown-up nature. So she finds it even more attractive.


Honesty and trustworthiness is a great characteristic for which women tend to attract. 

It also expresses that whatever the man is going to do or say, it would be from his heart.

Being honest shows that she can trust this person. Because trust is one of the most important pillars of making relationships last longer and deeper.

Therefore, a woman always looks for this, and she makes sure that her man has this quality. Because she has to rely on him for a lifetime.

Practical Skills

Practical skills such as cooking, fixing or changing fuse bulbs, and much more things are there which a female wants in her significant other.

Practical skills are not limited though. There are a plethora of skills you can learn.

Even, If you know how to cook food, then it shows how domestically worthy you are. 

No matter if you will use that skill on a daily basis or not, but having this quality makes life easier. 

She feels that having these skills will support and help her. Therefore, she finds it attractive.

Passion or Desire

A passionate person is generally more enthusiastic, energetic, positive, and filled with so many ambitions in life.

This kind of person attracts attention very quickly. Because being passionate is about being more curious and knowledgeable.

So, a woman considers a man attractive if he is passionate enough. She does so because that person will be more curious to know about her. He will talk to her and want to know everything that is related to her. 

Apart from that, passion shows that a person has the ability to succeed in life. So it is very obvious that she will fall in love with such a guy. She can be proud to have a partner who is successful in life. Isn’t it?


A lazy person or who is not active enough on a physical and mental level seems very unattractive to women.

Because it shows a man is aimless in life and he doesn’t make efforts in his own life. 

So, women prefer men who are active on a daily basis and make efforts every day to achieve their goals. 

She finds the active man more hardworking, disciplined, and serious towards his own success.  

Therefore, being active increases the chances of getting noticed by women.

Intelligence (Problem Solving Skills)

Research says intelligence makes you attractive.  

Intelligence is a quality that most of us have. It is the quality of a person which makes them a more creative problem solver. 

In general, females want a man who is intelligent enough. She finds that intelligence is a good trait of having a long term relationship. 

She thinks that an intelligent partner will do very well, to overcome the challenges of life.