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The 5 Stages Of A Relationship Every Couple Goes Through In Their Life

The 5 Stages Of A Relationship Every Couple Goes Through In Their Life

Love Life is Amazing But There are 5 Stages Of A Relationship Every Couple Goes Through In Their Life. Find which stage you are in now?

The 5 stages of a relationship every couple goes through In their life are the Intense Desirable phase, Questionable stage, the acceptance phase, empathy or togetherness, and the expectations.

These are one of the most prominent phases that every single couple goes through.

However, phases of a relationship are not in a straight or linear line, a couple has to experience much bitterness as well as delightfulness in a relationship.

These ups and downs make the love life beautiful and meaningful. 

If you are in a relationship then you have definitely passed through these Stages of a Relationship. 

1. The Intense Desirable Phase Of A Relationship

The Intense Desire for each other is the very first stage of a relationship. It can also be said to be the peak level of a relationship phase.

Because at this stage generally, both partners want to be together. No matter in which circumstances, the only thing that matters for them is being together. 

This can be considered a dangerous phase of a relationship as well. It is so because both of you start looking at things in a very different perspective. Everything seems positive to you. 

You both start experiencing and practicing intimacy in your love life.

And because this is the very first stage of your relationship, you both start being sexually attracted to each other very intensively, which is very obvious.

2. Questionable Stage Of A Relationship

The Questionable phase is one of the most undesirable stages of a couple’s life. Because no one wants to have a raised finger on them. Right?

In this stage, any partner starts being doubtful or insecure. It happens very soon after the first stage of a relationship. After being involved in so much intimacy. 

A partner or I should say in most of the cases both partners start feeling jealous. 

So when something unhides about any significant other then the question starts rising.

It could be about the past relationships of a partner, or it could be due to getting knowledge about something which was not supposed to be known by the significant other. 

When your significant other raises questions on you and asks you a lot of different questions like interrogators. Then it becomes very unpleasant.

This is that moment when you shift from your first stage of a relationship to the second stage, which is obviously not as pleasant as the first phase.

This stage has a few bad sides as well, in this period boyfriends may become overprotective boyfriends or a girlfriend can be a clingy girlfriend.

3. The Acceptance Phase

The acceptance phase is a very crucial phase of a relationship. Because till this stage couples have gone through many ups and downs, lots of arguments, and brutal fights, hundreds of times they become blocked and unblocked in each other’s phones, but eventually they survive that stage of life. 

After that, once they begin this phase they start accepting each other’s differences, good or bad habits, they both start accepting each other’s behaviors, they understand the mood swings and a lot of different mental and emotional ups and downs. 

At this moment their relationship starts growing and understanding starts being an integral part. 

4. The Empathy Or Togetherness

Here empathy or togetherness means understanding each other’s emotions or feelings. In other words, it could be said that you see your partner’s problems through his or her perspective.

This phase can be considered as one of the most pleasurable and mature levels of a relationship. 

However, to reach this stage a couple has to face so many challenges in their love life. Yet, it is not necessary that both partners will have the same level of empathy.

One may have developed or is still in the development phases. 

5. The Expectations Or Wishes

In this stage, if a partner hasn’t developed empathy then he or she is going to struggle a lot. 

But expectations are something that developed in a partner after being in a relationship for many months.

It happens because till now, you both know what to expect from each other. 

If anyone doesn’t stand upon the expectations or even not complete the wishes. Then it makes the partner feeling upset and depressed. 

Although, at this time you both have passed the acceptance phase of your relationship, So accepting this trait becomes a little easy for both of you. 

But having expectations and wishes is something that never goes out of human life. 

The above given 5 relationship phases are the most prominent phases that a couple goes through in their life. 

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