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How To Deal With Breakups In 16 Steps

How To Deal With Breakups In 16 Steps

There is no magic trick to deal with breakups, but following these 16 steps will magically help you to feel better after a breakup.

1.) Give Yourself Sometimes To Heal From The Breakup

Don’t rush right away after the breakup, instead give yourself some time to heal from this situation. 

Breakups are not easy and getting over them is more complicated than it sounds. So, understand your feelings and thoughts to heal and accept whatever happened to you.

2.) Accept the Negative Emotion That You Have

In order to feel better after a breakup, you must accept the negative emotion that you have. 

Negative emotions such as Anger, sadness, bitterness, and heartbreak are very common feelings after separation from the partner, so accept these negative emotions.

3.) Find Someone Trustworthy With Whom You Can Disclose Your Secrets

Disclosing your secrets to the person you trust may help you feel more light and supported. 

4.) Think About The Next Thing In Your Life

A break-up should not be the last thing in life. Obviously, it hurts but this is not the endpoint, you must think about the next thing In your life that you want to achieve.

5.) Work On Yourself Now

See, many of us feel very bad about ourselves when new breakups happen. 

We try to judge ourselves and question our own ability and physical appearance too. 

However, in order to heal from the breakups; what you should do is work on yourself. 

Work on your abilities, strength, and weakness that you have. 

6.) Use Your Alone Time To Discover

While being in a relationship most people spend so much time and energy on a single person that they forget about their true worth.

But after the separation, using the alone time to discover what was hidden till now is a great way to Get Over A Relationship Breakup.

It doesn’t only help you to find the hidden quality of yours but helps you to learn a lot about how you can use them.

7.) Some People Prefer not to do Anything

Once a breakup takes place many people feel numb, they don’t know how to react & what to do. This is also a very common thing that happens to many people. 

In such a case, preferring not to do anything can also help people to relieve the breakup pains.  

8.) Be Around Positive and Supportive People

While dealing with breakup pains, you need a positive environment to live in. 

Your friends, family members and those people who are close to you and are positive in nature can help you to create that positive environment. 

These kind of people are very supportive and helps you to feel motivated and inspire to move on.

9.) Take A Long Pause From Any Romantic Relationship

After the separation, many people seek a new romantic partner and many feel devastated. 

No matter, how strong you are to handle the breakups, it is highly advised to stay away from building any romantic relationship for a while or maybe take 3 or 6 months of gap.

Doing this will aid you to think about yourself and your interest and likes which you want to see in your potential partner.

10.) Try To Forget Past Memories and Create New Ones

My father always says, “past is painful no matter how bad or good it was” If you have good memories of your past then try not to remind them instead focus on creating new ones.

Engage in a solo trip or a trip with your friends to enjoy your life and create a new memory with them so that they can stay longer with you.

11.) Don’t Overthink After A Breakups

Breakup feels like rejection and so, many start overthinking their own abilities and quality. Also, the pain after breakups sometimes feels so intense that people start questioning themselves. 

They begin to think about those things that don’t matter to them and neither was the cause of their separation. 

But separations are actually very hurtful and one can automatically start overthinking, as a result of it, they feel depressed, and anxious, and are unable to make the right decision to take action. You may find this article helpful to stop overthinking.

12.) Instead of Taking Your Family For Granted, Spend Sometimes With Them

Family is everything – they are supporters and healers. No matter how bad your day is going or how bad an incident happened to you, your family will always be there for you to listen and advise you to be on the right path or action to take. 

Hence, instead of taking your family for granted and avoiding them in your life, try to spend some quality time with them, it will help you rejuvenate and to get over heartbreak.

13.) Consider The Space You Have

Is there anything you wanted to do or pursue a long time ago but wouldn’t have time to do so? Then after the breakup, you have an immense time for yourself as well as the space you wanted to have.

Now, consider the space you have and do something you always wanted to do. The space will help you to take decisions for yourself and to feel freedom. This is the time when you have to pay attention to your dreams and desires to achieve them. 

To utilise the space you got after separation, you can plan a trip with your friends, you can go for a long run or walk, or can visit some store to find something.

14.) Block Your Ex Right Away

Blocking your ex right away will help you to accept the bond that you have but no longer exist. Blocking your ex, also helps you to avoid seeing their latest images which will allow you to avoid thinking about your ex-partner. 

Blocking your ex right away helps you declutter your mind and feel better. Also, helps you to avoid the urge of meeting them.

15.) Learn A Lesson From Breakup Instead of Feeling devastated

Everything that happens to all of us gives us a lesson and breakups is not different. The lesson you will learn from the breakups will help you to build a stronger and better relationship in the near future.

Separations from your partner give you a sense of which kind of people and traits you enjoy. What are your types, and who can fulfil the gap that put you in this painful breakup situation. In order to get over it and avoid feeling regretted learn a lesson from it.

16.) Write the negative things about your ex

Everyone has negative emotions and thoughts about something. Especially, the negative thoughts about your ex. Sometimes, instead of sharing it with anyone, you can refer to a notebook or any note-taking app to write negative things about your ex. What are the bad qualities you disliked in your ex-partner, etc? 

Writing also helps you get instant clarification on your overall perspective for a relationship.