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How to Flirt With a Guy: 10 Flirting Tips for Girls

How to Flirt With a Guy 10 Flirting Tips for Girls

Flirting isn’t a piece of cake, rather it is a skill that can help you to get a cute guy.

It doesn’t come easily to everyone but, our flirting tips for girls can help you to master the art of flirting.

With the given flirting tips here, you can attract your crush very easily. You just have to be confident to draw his attention along with that try to do the following things.

1. Maintain Eye Contact

Eye contact is considered the first step while impressing someone because it signifies an interest in knowing more about the person. 

For years, eye contact has been considered a technique used to attract women or men. Hence, you can maintain eye contact as a technique to attract your crush. 

While doing this, you can observe him: whether he holds the eye contact or looks away.

2. Just Smile

We, humans, have a tendency to be drawn toward the people who smile. Research also says, a smile makes you more attractive, so to flirt with a guy you should just smile. 

By watching you smiling your crush will get positive vibes and he will think you have a positive personality.

3. Be Around Him

If you want to flirt with the guy, you will have to be around him. So find some obvious reasons to be around him.

To do this, you can find out about his activities and be present there. Make sure, you don’t do this very often as it will alert him that you are stalking.

4. Be Respectful

Being respectful toward others is a great human trait. But, when it is about the person you like then it means a lot. You have to be more respectful.

The best way to flirt is not to say jokes, talk about his interest, say pick up lines to impress, etc. It is rather a responsibility to accept the person as they are.

Being respectful while flirting means, accepting the person how they are even when you both are different and you don’t agree with him. This is how a good relationship begins and they go through various Stages Of A Relationship.

5. Talk About Interest

To flirt with a guy talk about his interest, as simple as that. Whenever you get a chance to meet him or to have a conversation – make sure you ask several questions about his interest.

6. Use Body Languages To Communicate

We all have heard, “Action speaks louder than words” therefore, use your body gestures to communicate with your crush.

Many girls think they can impress their crush by talking with them for hours, giving them smiles, and being around him. But these things are not enough, you have to be more open and approachable while flirting with your crush.

Hence, keep these things in mind in order to use your body to communicate with your crush:-

  • Don’t cross your hands together while being around your crush as it gives a sense of being closed-off & unapproachable.[Reference]
  • Flipping hair is known as one of the well-recognized flirty actions. Therefore, you can flip your hair while talking with a guy so that he can get the feeling; that you are flirting with him.

7. Be a Good Listener

Flirting tips that are not very new are to be a good listener. The best way to flirt with a guy is to pay attention to his words and listen to him attentively.

Doing so enables him to speak without being judged. It also allows you to build a powerful link between yourself and him.

In order to be a good listener keep in mind these:-

  • Don’t interrupt him when he is speaking about something.
  • Also, don’t be an adviser unless you have been asked.
  • Don’t insert your experiences into his. He may be sharing about any incident that has left him feeling hurt and the same may have happened with you even worse, even though you don’t have to compete with him by sharing your experience. You may later include your points if you have been asked for any input or suggestions.

8. Be hard to get

What if you aren’t around him? In that case, you can text him but keep in mind to not do this too much. 

Be hard to get and let him miss you. Research also suggests that missing a partner is associated with individuals’ efforts to attend to their relationships and reestablish connections.

9. Flirt with a guy by teasing him

When you feel comfortable and you are a bit sure that you both have established a good connection then you can extend your barriers to flirting with a guy.

You can tease him as it shows a sense of intimacy. However, make sure you don’t get very personal as he can take that in the wrong way.

10. Keep him in questions

If you are chatting with him then keep in mind to flirt with a guy over text by leaving him in question. You shouldn’t be too eager to text.

To keep him in question ask him some questions and don’t respond to all his replies too soon. Take some time and chat gradually, maintain some time in your texts or replies.