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15 Clingy Girlfriend Signs & 5 Ways to Avoid Being One

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Do you know the meaning of clinginess? The clingy meaning- you are very dependent on someone. If you think you are very dependent on your boyfriend. You must know the signs of a clingy girlfriend.

Note:- If you find more than 6 signs relatable here out of the 15 clingy girlfriend signs- it is an alarming situation.

We all know, everything looks great under the limit or boundaries. But, when relationship begins, gradually things start to change and a couple goes through many stages of a relationship. During such period, many turn into a clingy person.

For females, it is very easy to be emotionally dependent on the boyfriend. While being a clingy girlfriend, you may start reacting a lot, you may seize your boyfriend’s space or independence.

However, from your point of view (POV), you are still very loving and caring to your boyfriend. But, crossing the limits of care and love indicate you are becoming a clingy girlfriend.

Therefore, here we have covered 15 clingy girlfriend signs so that, you can take the possible actions to avoid being one.

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How Does It Feel To Be In A Clingy Relationship?

Being in a clingy relationship feels very unpleasant and uncomfortable. Your partner will try to find out the ways to just avoid you. 

In a relationship there should be some space between two partners.

Always being needy and sticking to the partner makes a healthy relationship bad and worse.

Instead of having love, compassion, care and desire for each other the hate and ignorance start.

Why Do Girls Become Clingy Girlfriends?

Being a clingy girlfriend or showing a clingy girlfriend sign is not a choice of her.

Girls become clingy girlfriend due to a higher level of excitement, if she entered a relationship for the first time, either due to some bad experiences she has faced in the past.

Those bad experiences could be due to having a heartbreak or not having enough support from her family. 

Therefore, she starts showing sign of clingy girlfriend.

If a girl will have a fear of getting cheated by a partner or losing her partner for any reason, then she will start being very possessive and sticky.

She will start to find ways to be a constant part of her boyfriend for all the time.

15 Signs Of Being A Clingy Girlfriend

Do you have a fear of losing your partner and ruining your relationship? Or You may have observed some signs in you that makes you feel whether you are a clingy girlfriend or not?

Don’t worry, by knowing the signs of clingy girlfriend, you will get your doubt clear here on Babusona

1.) You Don’t Give Your Boyfriend His Space

Your desire to become an inseparable person in his life is turning you into a desperate person.

You always want to roam around his life and you wouldn’t allow him his personal space. 

Due to this you keep asking him about everything very frequently.

You always want to keep him thinking about you.

You have to understand that a man loves his partner a lot, if his significant other understands him and allows him his space. 

2.) You Want to Have All Day Conversation With Him

Holding hands of each other, sitting together, sharing lots of personal stories and talking for hours are the parts of a relationship.

But you have to understand that these things are for a short period of time especially if you entered into a new relationship or you have met your partner after a long time. 

Although, as we know everything is temporary, the lovely and romantic phases that you have spent earlier with your significant other is also temporary.

Once the days you have spent together finishes, things start to get back to normal.

After that if you try to call him for the entire day or night and ask him to be on the voice call or video call, then it shows how clingy you are. 

3.) You Are Adopting His Life And Hobbies

Knowing about the boyfriend’s life, interests and hobbies are a good sign of a caring and loving girlfriend.

But when you start adopting all his habits, hobbies and his entire life, within you to just be with him, then it’s a sign of a clingy girlfriend.

And your boyfriend might start thinking about how to deal with his clingy girlfriend?

You have to know that even after coming into a relationship you both have separate life, interests and hobbies. 

4.) You Are Extremely Dependent on Him

Asking for advice from your boyfriend is normal.

But when you start calling him or asking him for even all the minor issues of your life to fix, then it shows how extremely dependent you are on your boyfriend.

5.) You Want to Have Undivided Attention

Your desire to have undivided attention on you from your boyfriend is a sign of possessive girlfriend. You want him to have your thoughts in his mind just like you have his.

Maybe in the initial days of your relationship it appears cute to your boyfriend but it is not going to be longer. 

Doing it constantly will make your BF feel irritated.

Boyfriends are possessive too. Give a read to 10 Sings of an Overprotective Boyfriend

6.) You're Insecure 

Your insecure feelings are one of the clingy girlfriends signs that are very common and normal at the same moment.

Your feeling of insecurity could be due to not seeing any potential efforts of your boyfriend in your relationship, or maybe you feel your partner is not serious for this relationship. 

Though, this is the very obvious and common insecure feeling after being in a relationship.

But finding the constant validation from your partner for the seriousness of your relationship is making you a clingy girlfriend.

Because you will always be sticky to him to get that validation vibe to feel secure for your love connection.

7.) You Want To Be Top In His List

Your desire to become his first priority is a sign of clingy behavior.

Having a feeling that your partner has some other priority rather than you is making you feel your relationship is in danger.

You start to push yourself to become his first priority as soon as possible. 

Because you want to be in the top position of his list, you start acting very differently.

Your desire can make your boyfriend feel irritated. He may start feeling a burden and be stuck with you.

You should understand that your partner may have other things to do.

There are more people in his life including you and it’s his responsibility to make his life balance and give them equal  time. 

Here you should trust him and you should try to balance your personal life and love life.

Try to understand that all people could not have the same daily routine and same type of work everyday.

8.) Having Lack of Self Confidence

Have you ever thought he is too good for you? Well, this is a sign of low self confidence.

Having low self confidence will give you a more insecure feeling rather than being happy with him. 

Having that feeling will always make you doubt yourself and you will try to do things in a clingy manner to make the relationship work.

It is important to know at this point that your relationship will be more successful and happy as you will start doing things naturally, instead of being very hard to make it work.

9.) Being Always Available For Him

Let me tell you a secret which is not a secret actually. It is an obvious thing if you will always be available for your partner then he will take that for granted.

And being available for all the time will keep him in a comfortable manner where he will do the things for you only he finds convenient. 

If you want him to text you first, call you, miss you then you will be less available for him.

A relationship is incomplete without the efforts of the both partners. So do the opposite of clingy girlfriend and let him miss you too.

10.) You Become a Stalker To His Social Media Accounts 

Stalking his social media accounts to know where his friends and people he knows stand in his life is making you a stalker.

You may be thinking that the thing you are doing is not bad. Because you love him and you have the right to know all the people who are in his life. 

You are absolutely correct but the way you are doing it is wrong.

If someone is important to his life then he will definitely introduce you to them.

You have to be patient. Why do you think he should tell you about all those hundreds and thousands of his Facebook friends? Even he doesn’t know all of them. 

11.) You Make False Assumptions

Have you ever made false assumptions? I am sure you have.

The moment your partner will be far from you, it will make you think of random things that don’t make sense or exist. 

Doing this is very common for the person who feels insecure, jealousy, and has trust issues.

Making false assumptions for any event that doesn’t exist will make you overthink and because of that your mood could have drastic changes and you will start doing things inappropriately.

That could be one of the clingy girlfriend signs or hints.

12.) You Become Controlling

 Showing authority to your man is an acceptable thing. But what if it becomes a controlling thing? Just because you want to feel secure and stable in your life, you start acting very controlling.

Your man will not feel good. I don’t think you will feel good too, if someone will try to control your actions, mood, your desires, your taste, etc. 

If you can’t enjoy that limitless authority on yourself of someone else’s on you, then why do you think he should? 

If you don’t want to make your man search about how to get rid of clingy girlfriend? Then stop doing this right now. 

13.) You Bring Problems in Relationship Every Time

Just because you want to be with him. You start bringing problems in the relationship so that he can spend time with you to solve those issues. 

It may feel good to you thinking that at least the situation was not pleasurable, but you both were together or I should say you were with him.

But, having this thought really has a bad impact on the relationship. 

He may try to find out ways to keep himself away from you. Maybe the communication between both will be lesser day by day. And eventually, you both will end your love relationship.

Don’t make this mistake if you want to be with your partner.

Doing this gives the opposite impact to your love partner. And make you a clingy girlfriend. 

14.) You Want To Meet His Parents Very Early

Even though you are in a very early stage of relationship you have urge to meet your boyfriend’s parents.

It may be because you want to feel secure or want to know more about your partner. 

But constantly forcing your partner to allow you to meet his parents are nothing but the clingy girlfriend signs.

You must give him some time to think about this relationship. 

Maybe he is not ready for this, because meeting parents for this purpose is a big decision. 

At this time, both of you should spend quality time to know each other better and plan things for your future. 

Once every thing will be fine and he will sure to take further decision regarding this relationship, he will definitely introduce you to his parents.

15.) You Feel Insecure About The People In Their Life

Feeling insecure with the people your S.O interacts everyday is a sign of clinginess. 

We all meet many people everyday.

They maybe co-worker, childhood best friend, or no matter who it is, feeling insecure to such people is nothing but the clinginess. 

You maybe feeling threat of those people, but you need to build relationship trust so that you can trust your partner more and stop being a clingy partner.

How to Avoid Being A Clingy Girlfriend?

Avoiding being a clingy girlfriend is not a simple task.

But to get rid of clingy girlfriend or possessive girlfriend, you should consider the below given points:

1. By Believing in yourself

Have some self-esteem and work on the areas where you think you lack. Though, There is no need to change a lot to just fit in someone’s life.

2. Realising your efforts and importance in your life

Respect yourself and make the equal efforts to keep the desire for both of you in the relationship.

3. Stopping Being available all the time

Let him do the things as well.

4. Avoiding to feel insecure

It’s easy to say, but hard to accept. Once you win over it your life will be amazing.

5. Finding happiness within

You should never completely rely on someone else to be happy in your life. Being in a relationship is good, but relying completely on someone is bad.

If you have ever observed any sign that makes you feel clingy.

Or if your partner has ever called you a clingy girlfriend then look for the above given clingy girlfriend signs.

And make your efforts to stop being clingy in relationship.