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15 Signs He Regrets Cheating on You And Wants Apology

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Every act has a consequence, so if your partner has lied to you, hurt you and cheated on you, he will feel the same pain. If he is mature enough to accept his mistakes, you will see signs he regrets cheating on you and wants an apology, so that he can return to your life.

Although, it may sound impossible for you to forgive your partner regardless of how much you love him. But in the end, it all depends upon you whether you want to excuse the infidelity or not. So, the question that popups here are, should you forget and forgive him even knowing what he has done with your emotion and trust?

Actually, sometimes the damage can’t be repaired but if a couple has a strong bond or relationship, they can forgive and move further to regain faith and build a relationship stronger.

But what if your partner doesn’t feel remorse rather he has guilt for cheating? In that case, it will be a wrong decision to forgive; no matter, if you saw signs he regrets cheating or not. But in case, if your partner genuinely feels sorry for what he has done, you will see about 15 signs he regrets cheating on you.

What's the Difference Between Guilt and Remorse?

Guilt and remorse both have an almost similar meaning and they have a direct connection with infidelity. However, there are some common differences between guilt and remorse: guilt is an emotion that is not deeper, but remorse is a deeper emotion.

Regret or remorse is related to the action done by a person in the past but guilt can happen while doing the action. In other words, guilt is related to the present but remorse is the emotion that comes out due to the action done in the past. To understand this, take an example – 

If a married man sleeps with another girl for a day, he feels guilty after cheating, but when he tends to realise that he has cheated on his wife and broken her trust then he starts feeling regret.

What Are The Signs He Regrets Cheating?

Cheaters in a relationship suffer and they feel anxiety and guilt after cheating. So, to know whether your boyfriend or husband shows signs he regrets cheating on you, consider going through these 15 signs he regrets hurting you.

1.) Suddenly, He Confesses his Mistakes

In order to rebuild trust, he confesses his mistakes out of expectations. And this is one of the initial signs he regrets cheating. Suddenly, confessing mistakes whether he has done in past or in near days, he confesses about it and says sorry to you. Also, confessing his mistakes makes his heart feel light.

2.) He Stops the Affair as soon as you heard about it

If your man really had an affair and you came to know about it, then he will instantly stop his affair. Not because he is afraid of you but because he really loves you and doesn’t want to lose you. It is a clear sign he regrets cheating.

3.) He is ready to do everything and anything for you

Ever thought about how a guy acts after he cheated? He feels guilty and does everything and anything that can help them to get over the guilt feeling. However, if your partner has cheated on you and you have caught him red-handed, he will beg you to forgive and will be ready to do everything and anything for you so that he can regain your trust.

4.) He doesn’t hide anything about cheating and admits it to others

Men care a lot about their reputation. When your partner has cheated on you and has accepted: he is responsible for the cause, and he may admit it to others. So, despite his reputation, if he doesn’t hide anything about cheating and admits it to others, it clearly shows signs he regrets cheating on you and wants an apology.

5.) He asks for an apology more than once

Cheating is not easy to handle but when you observe signs he regrets cheating on you, will ask for an apology more than once. Asking for an apology multiple times clearly shows he cares about you and is willing to bring you back to his life.

6.) He starts to be more open and transparent

After cheating and feeling regret, your partner will try to be more open and transparent. He will let you know about everything he is doing, about the place he is visiting, and about what his plans are. 

The only reason he is trying to be more open and transparent is so that you can trust him again and treat him the same way you used to before getting cheated.

7.) He is unable to face you and can’t see in your eyes

After cheating, it is really tough for a man to face his partner. He won’t be able to see in her eyes and feel ashamed for what he did. Apart from not maintaining eye contact he feels nervous and has difficulty speaking. If you are noticing these things means he regrets cheating on you.

8.) He becomes more expressive

After cheating, your man will look for opportunities to get forgiveness. He also tries his best to make you feel special by giving you surprises and doing things he has never done before. However, he becomes more expressive when you give him chance to express what he has to say about his infidelity.

9.) He loves you more than ever

When a man feels regrets about cheating, he will be on his best behaviour. During feeling regrets for what he did, he becomes more loving and caring towards you. It shows clear signs he regrets cheating on you.

10.) He doesn’t leave you alone

After getting caught, he has a fear to lose you, therefore, he doesn’t leave you alone. This doesn’t mean he will not give you space to think and heal from the betrayal. Rather, he knows that his act has destroyed your mental health completely.

11.) He talks about improving the relationship

One of the signs cheating husband wants to reconcile is, he talks about improving the relationship & about the new milestone he wants to achieve with you. 

So, when your husband or boyfriend is trying to talk about relationship improvement topics, you should consider it as a sign that he regrets cheating on you and want to restore friendly relations between both of you so that you both can have a future together.

12.) He takes care of you and starts spending time with you

A quote states that you respect things when you don’t have access to them. In another word, just after cheating, he gets the feeling of losing you. So, to correct what wrong he has done, will try to take care of you and start spending time with you.

He will include you in all kinds of trips including a road trip, skiing or any museum tour, etc…

13.) He seeks professional help to improve

One of the signs he regrets cheating on you is that he seeks professional help to improve. He is doing this because he has realised that for this infidelity he is solely responsible and will have to work on it to improve.

14.) He pulls out old memories of the good times

One of the easiest things to identify signs he regrets cheating on you is by seeing him bringing old memories. In order to get excuses, to rebuild trust, he pulls out all the past memories of good times. 

He may even try to recreate the date scenes you both have. Or maybe plan some things more often so that you both remind your old days and feel right to be with this man. He will try to do everything if, he regrets cheating on you.

15.) He starts doing little things for you

Was your partner careless earlier or doesn’t want to help you in doing the daily chores such as laundry, gardening, helping in the kitchen and more? If it is so, observe now your man, is he doing any little things he used to refuse? If yes, it is clearly one of the best Signs He Regrets Cheating on You.

How to Move Forward After Getting Cheated?

There may be a chance that he will not feel regret for cheating, but will blame you for everything he has done. He may shout at you, may ask you to forget or let it go. If his actions are like this, he is not ready to feel remorse or guilt for what he has done with your trust.

Even though knowing these, if you want to restore a relationship after an affair you should think twice before trusting him again.

If you are a bit confused and are unable to make a proper decision, you can try to go for some relationship counselling sessions, experts may help you to rethink the whole process and acts. It will make your vision crystal clear and help you to make the correct decision, whether to give an apology or leave him for the betrayal.

Do Men Regret Cheating?

Yes, men regret cheating, but it differs from man to man. Not all are born the same so there are some men who will feel regret and some may not even feel bad about what they did. 

In case, you have been cheated on by your partner, but your emotions and love are so strong for him that you forgive him. In that case, look for signs he regrets cheating on you. Although he will feel guilt after cheating, he may also try to convince you to forgive him. He will ask you for an apology so that he doesn’t lose you.

However, whether to accept his apology or not totally depends upon you, but in case you take the decision to bring him back into your life, do it with caution or at least look for signs he regrets hooking up with another female.

How Long Does It Take for A Man To Regret Cheating?

There is no such timeline prepared by anyone about how long it will take for a man to feel regrets about cheating. Not only this, but the man who still doesn’t love her wife/girlfriend will never feel sorry for his infidelity.

But for a genuine man, it is very difficult for them to hide the signs he regrets cheating.

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