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How To Be Romantic In A Relationship: Learn 10 Easy Ways

How to be romantic in a relationship

Want to know how to be romantic in a relationship? Here are 10 ways to be romantic without much effort.

Tired of listening, how unromantic a person you are and looking for easy ways to be romantic in a relationship? The simplest way to be a romantic person is to show how much you care.

Romantic approaches help you to build your relationship stronger and let you nurture your relationship much deeper. 

However, as time passes the spark or romance becomes lesser and lesser in a relationship. 

Couples experience it in various Stages Of A Relationship and conflict, disagreements or chaos takes place in their love life. 

However, a study shows that during the initial stage of a romantic relationship couples struggle to recognize and face their disagreements, but as time passes and the romance keeps alive between them, they start to recognize and face their disagreements at a better level.

Therefore, here we have covered 10 Easy Ways to learn how to be romantic in a relationship which will help you to be romantic as well as make you an understanding partner.

In order to be a romantic person, you must have a better understanding of the word “Romantic”. 

What is the meaning of Romantic

The meaning of romantic varies from culture to culture or person to person. However, in a relationship, romance is defined as an act done by a partner to express deep love and affection. 

In the seventeenth century, the word romantic was used in English for imagination and inventiveness in storytelling and to characterize scenery and paintings. The origin of the word Romantic is from Romance which emphasizes on emotion. 

Nowadays romance is linked with the gesture between partners that shows how much they love and care. Doing little things, expressing emotions, giving gifts and even making eye contact while talking can be said to a romantic acts.

To understand this term better, here is a video by Glamour in which 70 People aged 5 to 75 were asked what’s the most Romantic thing that’s happened to them.

All of those 70 people had different answers to this single question. Some shared that their wedding proposal was romantic for them where a girl said, her boyfriend gave her the last Harry Potter book when she thought it was sold out.

What Makes A Person More Romantic?

Willing to express emotions in the most loving, caring and creative manner makes a person more romantic. 

However, in this section, we will learn about how to be a romantic in a relationship and what are the qualities of romantic people.

7 Qualities of Romantic people:


Thoughtfully Expressive

This quality is one of the essential qualities of romantic people. Because being thoughtfully expressive helps in developing a long-term relationship and assists in fulfilling the partner’s desires and needs in a meaningful manner. 

Those who are romantic, are also attentive. This means they pay close attention to their partner’s needs and desires in passionate and thoughtful ways.




Willing to show love & care is a quality of a romantic partner. Being affectionate helps in maintaining a regular romance or chemistry between both partners. 

Affectionate people are romantic because they do little things to show their love. Whether to do something nice and sweet or to affirm some words, doing anything nice for the partner with love is romantic.


Consistent in Showing Thoughtful Affection


For a romantic person, it is very easy for them to be consistent in showing affection and doing thoughtful acts. For example bringing a morning tea or coffee, helping in doing daily chores, or any such actions that can be done regularly.

This quality not only helps a person to be a romantic but aid them to become a hand-holding supporter to their significant partner. It also shows responsible and seriousness in a relationship eventually help in improving the relationship.



Nowadays, we all are so busy in our own lives that we don’t pay close attention to the special one: Wife/Husband/Boyfriend/Girlfriend. But the quality of a romantic person is they are attentive. 

They keep in mind to value their partner. Once John Tarrant, director of the Pacific Zen Institute said, Attention is the most basic form of love. Through it, we bless and are blessed. So, by giving attention to a partner, it appears to be a romantic act.


Sentimental Or Emotional

When a person enters into a new relationship or has been in a long-term relationship, their emotions get attached, especially their good memories. 

Sometimes, those emotions become difficult to show so, the romantic partners always try to exaggerate their love in a sentimental manner by idealizing their partner or relationship.




Dedication in a romantic relationship helps it to grow and nurture. A romantic partner who is dedicated to their partner to make them feel good all the time is very romantic. People with such intention work on their relationship; make commitment statements, and talk about the future, life goals and dreams.

These are only possible with true love or a romantic partner.



A random kiss, a surprise gift or doing filmy acts like purposing in front of a crowd is considered romantic. These gestures can be done by a romantic person having gestural qualities and having a deep love for their partner.

How To Be Romantic In A Relationship When You’re Not

If you think you’re unromantic then you need to understand your partner’s love language. Many believe that romance comes naturally, which is true but, to become a romantic person you can choose to be conscious. 

For example, you can choose to go on a candle date if your partner’s love language is Quality time.

Or you can kiss randomly, hold their hand or hug them if your partner’s love language is Physical Touch. You can bring some gifts (it can be anything) too.

If you have ever thought How To Be Romantic In A Relationship When You’re Not, observe your partner’s likes and dislikes, pay attention to their interest and do things accordingly. Because everyone is different and bringing gifts to your partner may not be so romantic for them, so study and understand your partner first.

You can choose to repeat the above actions task till you find some positive signals from your partner’s behavior or affection towards you. I will argue you to read some of the individual points of view on Quora to understand how the meaning of romance is different for each individual.

Here are 10 Ideas For How To Be Romantic In A Relationship

By doing little things and showing big gestures


Hug your partner randomly.

By doing little things and showing big gestures.


Leave your comfort zone to do something your partner enjoys.

For example: if you’re not interested in going out for a walk but your partner likes it. Then asking for a walk with your partner can be a great step for you to be romantic.



Write a love letter.

Believe me or not this old-fashioned way is still considered a romantic way to melt your partner’s heart.



Treat your partner with extreme care and attention.

Meaning make your partner feel as comfortable as possible; to do this, you can offer any kind of your service such as head massage, serving chilled water or if you’re in LDR then you can send them a romantic message about the efforts that your partner makes for you.


Cook together.

No matter what your cooking skill is, cooking with partner is always romantic and fun. In case, cooking isn’t an easy task for you; bring your partner’s food is a way to be romantic.



Go for a movie date.

Going out, holding hands, sitting beside your partner & spending a few hours with your partner without getting distracted is a great way to be romantic. And it can be done by going for a date.


Say thank you.

Your partner sacrifices a lot for you, whether they tell you or no. They want to hear the word “thank you” from you for the sacrifices and efforts they make for you. So,   be grateful for having a caring and supporting partner in your life and say thank you for all of that.


Invite your partner for home based movie date.

is a bit different & special date from going out for a movie that. In home based movie date, the most romantic thing is asking your partner for a home based movie date. Keep in mind that you choose a movie that is romantic for couples.


Be there.

When you observe any signs of stress in your partner make them feel happy and relaxed. Do something silly or try to engage them in something else so that they don’t feel stressed anymore. Being with your partner when they need you but won’t tell you, is the most romantic thing a partner can do for their significant other.




No matter how long your relationship is, flirting is a romantic gesture.


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Frequently Asked Questions On How To Be Romantic In A Relationship

Not actually, a relationship can survive without lots of romance, however, a romantic relationship can make the couple’s life easier as they can easily deal with their chaos.

There are hundreds of ways to be romantic but being expressive and knowing your partner’s love language can help you to be romantic easily.

Men like to go out and do stuff together. As well as all the things that women want in romance are also liked by men.