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What Makes A Man Sexually Attractive? Here’s the Answer

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Majority of men would love to know: what makes a man sexually attractive? So, here we have covered 15 features of man that make him sexually attractive and charming.

In 2021, there were 3.97 billion males worldwide, and the number of males must have increased now; women may not find all those billion males sexually attractive. So, the question is what makes a man sexually attractive? Various research has found that masculine physical features make a man attractive to a woman at first impression. 

However, every woman is different, so each has their own choice of characteristics to feel sexually attracted to a man. Among so many characteristics, today you will know what makes a man sexually Attractive.

What Is A Sexually Attractive Man?

A sexually attractive man is perceived as being physically and emotionally appealing to others, typically in a sexual way. This can include factors such as physical appearance, body language, and personality. However, what makes someone sexually attractive can vary significantly from person to person, as everyone has their own unique preferences and desires.

What Makes A Man Sexually Attractive? 15 Features To Consider

In this section, we will cover a total of 15 features that make a man sexually attractive and the research has even proven them.

1.) Deeper Voice

what makes a man sexually attractive to a woman is a deep voice.

The deepness of a man’s voice is thought to be a sign of physical maturity and strength, which can make him appear more sexually attractive to some people.

However, the attractiveness of a person’s voice is highly subjective and can vary greatly from person to person.

Some women may find a deep voice very appealing, while others may prefer a higher-pitched voice. But most of the time a deeper voice is preferred by women as they get a Vibe of authority and masculinity.

2.) A Little Masculine Body

what makes a man sexually attractive is masculine body

Apart from a deep voice, a masculine body is what makes a man attractive. But men often get it wrong; they think they will only look masculine when they have six packs and lots of muscles like bodybuilders.

However, research as well as various surveys have revealed that a little masculine body is enough to look sexy. Women also prefer those men who are in good shape without looking like a beast.

3.) Simplicity Is Something That Makes A Man Sexually Attractive

Nowadays women choose simple and well-mannered men over wealthy men. In the past, we used to see in commercials or at various places how females are attracted towards the rich or those men who can afford expensive gifts. However, time has changed and now, females care about the sincerity and simplicity in a man.

Even research has found that simple features are the most attractive such as the symmetrical faces. Hopefully, you now know what makes a man attractive to a woman – A man in simple attire with good manners can attract a woman very easily.

4.) Unselfishness

A study done by biologists and a psychologist at The University of Nottingham has claimed that selflessness towards others can be sexually attractive in a mate. Meaning a man being concerned for other people without thinking of getting something in return makes them sexually attractive.

This not only make a man sexually attractive but it works instantly to make a good impression in women.

5.) A Light Facial Hair or Beard

light beard makes a man sexually attractive

Facial hair makes the jawline more prominent; it enhances the overall appearance of a man’s face. A man with stubble looks very alluring to women. Such an attractive beard can be seen after about 10 days of shaving.

In 2013, research was conducted in Australia that said the most attractive beard length is “heavy stubble, which generally appears after 10 days of shaving. 

Now on this, men will question why women like beards. The answer is very clear: women find men with beards sexy and attractive because it is somehow connected with manliness.

On this point, Semi-retired technology and science writer Rik Myslewski has argued that a beard is a strong indication of manliness. Those men who want to look sexually attractive to women should definitely take care of their beards.

6.) Self-Care (Regular Grooming, Eating Healthy, Mindfulness, etc…)

Self grooming makes a man sexually attractive to a woman.

Being neat and clean is something that can help you attract a woman. The majority of men used to not take care of themselves. However, self-care is very important for a man who wants to look sexually attractive. It includes regular grooming, healthy eating habits, practicing Mindfulness, etc.

7.) Men with Scars Is What Makes A Man Sexually Attractive

It may sound hard to believe how a scar can enhance the attractiveness of man; but as mentioned in the study conducted by Robert P. Burriss, Hannah M. Rowland, Anthony C. Little, non-severe facial scarring can enhance perceptions of attractiveness in men. So, even the study has proved that men with scars is what makes a man sexually attractive. 

However, keep in mind to not do anything intentionally on your face to make a scar so that you can look sexually attractive. The effect of scars on attractiveness is for a short period of time. So, a man with a scar has the plus point to look more attractive.

8.) Fresh Smell

If a man want to look sexually attractive he must smell fresh. Science says that when you smell good and pleasant, it makes an appealing perception of overall appearance. Also, a man smelling fresh and good can feel confident and charismatic.

9.) A Good Sense of Humour

A woman can be found saying that her man makes her laugh; hence, having a good sense of humour increases the possibility of getting a date. Apart from this, a study conducted by Jeffrey A. Hall has revealed that a good sense of humour is one of the most sought out characteristics in a romantic partner. 

Now, there shouldn’t be any confusion in the question what makes a man sexually attractive? However, keep in mind that a good sense of humour is not for everyone; thus try not to be one if you don’t have this skill naturally. Trying too hard to become a funny guy to look sexually attractive may lead you to hurt someone’s sentiment.

10.) Loyalty

Loyalty is precious and all men may not have this trait; but those who have this character can easily attract a woman.  Apart from the physical attributes in a man; women consider personality trait such as faithfulness and trustworthiness sexually attractive.

11.) A Good Wealth

For sure a man having good wealth looks attractive not because he has money to spend, but because a wealthy man feels confident no matter how they look and what they wear. Also, in the process of becoming rich; a man has to go through many ups and downs which give him the ability to deal with any kind of life’s problems.

So, a good wealth is definitely a way to look sexually attractive; for example Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey – he is rich, silent, mysterious and women find him sexually attractive.

12.) Thick Eyebrows

A man having fuller and thicker eyebrows are considered attractive to a woman. The reason behind thick eyebrows and attractiveness is that it makes a man appear more masculine. Various studies have also found that thick eyebrows show dominance and masculine.

13.) Dusky Skin

Having dark skin and a proper facial structure makes a man attractive. It has been observed that men with little brown or dusky skin appear more appealing to a woman.

14.) Good Dressing Sense

A well dressed man can easily attract women.

A well dressed man always looks attractive; but many don’t pay attention to it and later in life regret for not developing a good dressing sense. However, only a good dressing sense will not help you to attract a woman easily. Instead, you must have a proper combination of good dressing sense and a great physical as well as personality traits.

15.) Silent and Mysteriousness

You may have tried to find what makes a man sexually attractive? It’s Silent and mysterious. Nowadays, being silent isn’t easy also, mysteriousness gives a girl an opportunity to explore. 

Man being silent and keeping things along with them appear like a puzzle which not only increases curiosity but gives an impression of attractiveness.