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Chubby Girlfriend – 11 Reasons To Date A Chubby Girl

Chubby Girlfriend reasons for dating a chubby girl

This article is for those who are dating a chubby girl or want to make a chubby girlfriend.

Everyone has their own preferences to have a great dating experience. Some people are more forgiving and see beyond a person’s weight whereas some prefer to have a slim fit girl.

If you are confused about whether to choose a chubby girl to date or not here, we have mentioned 11 reasons to date a chubby girlfriend. Furthermore, a few reasons to help you feel confident and proud if you are already dating a chubby girl.

Before telling you reasons to date a chubby girl, let’s tell you that when you are with a chubby partner you both will have an intense emotional connection. As well as you should feel proud for having a partner who has their own unique personality and is not like the rest of the world.

11 Reasons For Dating A Chubby Girl

If you come across questions like should I date a fat girl or not, you must first know the meaning of dating. Dating is termed as a suitability checking process where two partners look for the interest, likes and dislikes, etc… before getting into a serious relationship.

So, if there is a girl in your life with whom you just feel happy, and connected and want to live long with her, you shouldn’t be in doubt.

However, you should know that size doesn’t really define her personality. If you like how she is you can have a chubby girlfriend; there should be no doubt about it.

Let’s understand what are the benefits of dating a fat girl if your conservative thoughts are holding you back from approaching a chubby girl to date.

1.) Dating a chubby girl means you’re dating someone confident in her skin

We all are imperfect and there’s no question about it. But, the great thing about a chubby girl is that she has no desire to look like someone else; she feels confident in her skin. 

Because of this positive attitude, she will even help you wherever you feel demotivated or under confident about your own appearance. 

Apart from these, a chubby girlfriend will help you see the world from a different perspective; for example, if she comes across norms like being a zero-size girl to look beautiful; she will refuse or avoid considering such myths because she knows how stunning she is regardless of her weight.

2.) Chubby girls define their own happiness

No matter what society has opinions about her weight and appearance – Chubby girls define their own happiness. She looks for ways to be happy and be present in the moment. 

If you are dating a chubby girl you should be happy because more likely you will find her focused on her dreams and life’s achievements. You will find your chubby girlfriend busy with little things she loves in her day-to-day life.

3.) You can date a chubby girl if you are a food lover

Dating a chubby girl may help you to explore a variety of foods; if you are a food lover you will never regret having a chubby girlfriend.

However, it’s not necessary that a chubby girl will be a food lover; sometimes, being fat or chubby is genetics and so, it may be not connected to food. 

But research available in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has revealed that obese people have higher levels of perceived taste.

4.) She’ll teach you how to proudly accept yourself

Dating chubby girls is fun and it will give you magical experiences. Because she is so comfortable in her own skin she will teach you the same: to be confident and accept yourself as you are.

If you have a chubby girlfriend and you have self-insecurity, more likely you will say goodbye to them. It will happen because she will teach you to learn how to love yourself just like she does.

5.) She will teach you how to deal with the haters

The people who live around us have their own perspectives and opinions about each other. Even as little as acne can be a reason for them to criticize. If you have ever received criticism constantly, your chubby girlfriend will teach you how to deal with such haters.

She may help you block off the negative voices because she may have faced bullying and the kind of criticism you have been facing for a long time. However, with time she must have learned to dismiss them and the same will teach you.

6.) A chubby girlfriend can be a great cuddler

Many don’t like hugs or cuddles but the majority of girls like them. If you are someone who loves to cuddle then especially, your chubby girlfriend can fill your desire.

She can be a great cuddler; it is also because she has a cubby or fuller body that will help you to just fill the grip in. Also, cuddling a chubby girlfriend may help you feel comfortable as it will create a sense of security and warmth.

7.) A BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) girlfriend may have a great sexual goodness

An article available on has mentioned that “Fat is key to good sex”. The article was written on Sun 2 Jul 2000 by Tracy McVeigh in which James Watson, the Nobel prize-winning geneticist, said that plumper women are likely to enjoy a better sex life than their thin mate.

Meaning, if you are dating a chubby girl you have a higher possibility of having a great sexual experience as your partner will have a higher endorphin level which is linked to sexual desire. 

Important point:- If you have a fantasy and are looking for a chubby partner for sexual experiences only; make sure you confess this.

8.) Dating a chubby girl means dating someone who’s sincere

An insecure person can easily break a happy and healthy relationship however, a sincere partner who knows how to trust you can help you to achieve great milestones in your life. 

Dating a chubby girl will help you to do the same because she will likely not feel insecure as she already has a positive aura and attitude. However, anyone, regardless of their size or shape, can feel insecure, so make sure you don’t make your relationship decision based on only physical appearance.

9.) She doesn’t judge others too quickly and teaches you the same

There is no doubt about it because she has faced so many judgements on her weight and appearance that she knows how it feels when someone judges others. For that reason, she doesn’t judge others too quickly.

That means if you are dating a chubby girl, you have a kind hearted and nice person in your life; who will also lift up your thoughts on judging others.

10.) She will make you laugh because of her sense of humour

Men try to make a girl smile and laugh when he likes, but there are many girls who have a great sense of humour and a chubby girl is probably one of them because of her jolly mind and ability to handle criticism.

Therefore, if you have a chubby girlfriend don’t worry about being in a bad mood for a long time, she will surely crack some jokes and make you laugh. 

If you come across a chubby girl having skills like this, you shouldn’t wait for a long time.

11.) She has a rich personality no matter what her body type is

Point number eleven is more like advice rather than benefits. If you are dating a girl who has a fat body type that doesn’t mean you should be dating a girl. You should be dating a girl who has a rich personality regardless of her body type.

Dating A Chubby Girl Means You Should Know About Body-Shaming

Your chubby partner may have a strong attitude to deal with criticism, but a taunt on her body type made by someone closer can hurt her. Therefore, keep in mind to not do something like this and not try to give any advice on her appearance and fitness unless she asks for it.

Don’t use a BBW girlfriend just to fulfil your lusty desire. If you are into it, make sure you both are aware of it and you have clearly confessed your desires.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the points that we have mentioned above have cleared your doubt: “Should I date a fat girl?” If you are impressed with her appearance, sense of humour, rich personality, sincerity, etc. then there shouldn’t be any confusion. You can confess your love to date a chubby girlfriend.

Frequently Asked Questions on Chubby Girlfriend

Ans:- A girl is considered chubby when her face, thighs, stomach or arms become noticeable due to her weight gain.

Ans:- Yes, somewhat we can say that chubby is the same thing as fat.